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Endineering Tweets

  • At MicroSoft training centre, Johannesburg, with Unicef, DBE @ National ICT core training team. Jaribaaa 1 year ago
  • dear mr future husband ... la la la 2 years ago
  • Attending the Diva show at Casterbridge theatre. Full house attendance! 2 years ago
  • #classicrallysa2015 SS 3 Won by Gemm - 0:23:21 2 Rose+161 3 Sidd+170 4 Bell+331 5 Jorge+463 6 Hagm+674 7 Andrew+768 8 Bryan+772 2 years ago
  • #classicrallysa2015 STage 2 Won by Gemm - 31:50. 2 Rose+114 3 Sidd+135 4 Bell+250 5 Jorge+380 6 Hagm+453 7 Andrew+520 8 Bryan+565 2 years ago

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